400 Nigerians Benefit from Mgbanghe Medical Mission

30 Dec 2018

A total of 400 people living with various medical conditions in Gyawana, a community in Lamurde Local Government Area of Nigeria’s northeastern Adamawa State, received free medical care on Saturday, December 29, 2018 under Mgbanghe’s Annual Free Medical Mission.

The medical mission was led by Dr Cyril Jomusu, who is also a member of Mgbanghe. He was supported by other doctors and medical experts. The team of medical volunteers set up a consulting tent in the middle of the community where they spent the entire day attending to patients who came with various medical issues.

The most common cases reported during the exercise include hypertensive and diabetic issues among the elderly as well as malaria, diarrheal diseases and respiratory tract infections among children. Fungal skin infections were also widespread in the community.

“We attended to 400 people with various medical conditions,” Dr Jomusu said shortly after the exercise. “We tested 300 people for Hepatitis B and C because we know that Hepatitis is a silent killer in these parts and this is largely due to poor awareness about the disease, coupled with the fact that the people don’t seem to have a culture of undergoing routine medical checks where some of these conditions can be detected on time and treated. During the exercise, we also encountered a few chronic end-stage illnesses which we counselled and referred to appropriate hospitals.”

He said 17 persons tested positive for Hepatitis B and another two also tested positive for Hepatitis C. They were adequately counselled by the experts.

“Out of this number, 360 were given drugs for their conditions. We also administered vaccines for Hepatitis B.”

Mgbanghe President, Emmanuel Maluba summed up the medical mission as very successful.

“It was our maiden medical mission and we are very happy with the outcome. Being the pilot effort, we have learned a few lessons, which should help us improve on our next mission. We are particularly encouraged by the warmth and enthusiastic reception from community.  We hope that governments, other humanitarian organisations would join us or partner with us to enable reach more people in rural Adamawa State,” Mr Maluba added.

The Village Head of Gyawana, Ndyewhodye Hosea Pwashikai Ndalum commended Mgbanghe and the team of medical volunteers for choosing his community for its maiden medical mission and culture dialogue.

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  • Cromwell, D. S says:

    This is an awesome exercise, I commend Mgbanghe for this initiative and hope that the tempo will be sustained. Kudos to Mgbanghe members and team of medical personnel.

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