About Us

Here’s a little about what we’re up to

As a community-based non-profit organization, we adopted the name Mgbanghe to symbolise our collective mission to build a protective ‘fence’ of support around the things that are important to our communities in Demsa, Lamurde and Numan local government areas of Adamawa State. Mgbanghe seeks to preserve and protect the livelihoods, heritage and history of the people in its area of operation by building a fence of will, resources, persons and ideas across the region.

Founded by a group of friends who merely set out to build a support network for themselves, Mgbanghe’s founding objectives later broadened to include serving as an organisation with a genuine passion for community development. Mgbanghe aims to ensure the preservation of culture and empowerment of communities through education and strengthening traditional institutions. Mgbanghe is also committed to promoting the culture of debate and engagement with public policy by empowering local communities to develop the “voice” for this engagement. Mgbanghe is also active in providing disaster relief in the area of its operations.