21 Nov 2017

The Annual Mgbanghe Essay Competition is now accepting entries. Submissions can be made until midnight of Friday, 15 December 2017. Winners will be announced on Friday, 22 December, 2017.

About the Essay Competition
Mgbanghe has as one its core objectives the nurturing of the creative talents of young people in Adamawa State, starting from the old “Numan Federation”. We endeavour to promote literacy, expression and creativity among young people by celebrating excellence and imagination. We also encourage dialogue and the spirit of debate and critical thinking. This was what prompted us to introduce the Annual Mgbanghe Essay Competition.

Open to all indigenes of Demsa, Lamurde and Numan local government areas of Adamawa State, our essay competition offers young people an opportunity to make their voices heard, to engage with topical issues that are important to them and to express their aspirations for the future. What we hope to see in the entries each year is a collection of essays that provoke discussions about important issues from the perspectives of the leaders of tomorrow. We hope that this essay competition gives them the opportunity to showcase and hone their creative and critical skills as future leaders.

Theme: The theme of this year’s edition of the competition is: Economic inclusion, democracy and youth participation in Nigeria. All essays entered for the competition are expected to focus on these themes, but respecting the specific demands of the title chosen.

Cash prizes and certificates will be presented to the top three entries in each category at a ceremony whose details will be communicated to the winners.

Tertiary Category:
First Prize                    – N100, 000.00
Second Prize              –  N70, 000.00
Third Prize                 – N50, 000.00

Secondary Category:
First Prize                    – N70, 000.00
Second Prize              – N50, 000.00
Third Prize                 – N30, 000.00

Entry Categories

Tertiary Category:
Open to indigenes of Demsa, Guyuk, Lamurde, Numan and Shelleng local government areas who are current undergraduate students in universities, polytechnics and tertiary colleges anywhere in the world. Entrants must choose one of the three topics below and write an original essay on it in not be less than 1500 words, but also not more than 2000. 

  1. By February 2018, Nigeria will overtake India as the country with the highest number of ‘poor’ people. What governance or economic policies does Nigeria need to put in place to contain this unfortunate turn of events?
  2. The world is looking away from fossil fuels, while Nigeria is busy exploring for oil in some northern states of the federation. Make a case for why the search for oil in the North should be intensified
  3. Economic inclusion or increased access to education, which should come first in Nigeria’ quest to empower its youth population?
  4. What Nigeria must do about Biafra
  5. Agriculture is not the answer to Nigeria’s economic challenges. Do you agree?

Secondary Category:
Open to indigenes of Demsa, Guyuk, Lamurde, Numan and Shelleng local government areas who are secondary school students (any level) anywhere in the world. Entrants must choose one of the three topics below and write an original essay on it in not be less than 1000 words, but also not more than 1500.

  1. Recently, Kaduna State Governor, Nasir el-Rufai, ordered the sack of about 22,000 primary school teachers who failed to pass the same examinations they administer to Primary 4 pupils. In view of the poor school enrolment figures in Northern Nigeria, do you think the governor made the right decision?
  2. Why Nigerian government must commit more resources to educating the girl child
  3. Make a case for why Nigeria’s next president should be less than 50 years old.
  4. What Adamawa State must do to produce the next Mark Zuckerberg
  5. The world has become a global village with English as its new currency. Therefore there is no need holding on to our own local languages. Write an essay for or against this statement.


  1. The Competition is open to indigenes of Demsa, Guyuk, Lamurde, Numan and Shelleng local government areas of Adamawa State, who are current students in secondary or tertiary institutions in any part of the world
  2. Entrants must choose either Secondary or Tertiary categories, but never both
  3. Only one essay per entrant is allowed. Entries must be in either Standard British English (SBE) or American Standard English (SAE) but not both at the same time.
  4. Plagiarism: entrants who are found to have plagiarized all or part of their essays will be disqualified.
  5. Essays submitted for the competition MUST be the entrant’s own work and must not have been previously published anywhere.
  6. Essays can only be submitted in either Word doc. or pdf format.
  7. While the author retains the copyright for the essay, by entering an essay to this competition, the author expressly grants Mgbanghe permission to publish the essay in book form, online or in an audio-visual format without any further copyright liabilities.
  8. All entries must be submitted before midnight on Friday, 15 December 2017.
  9. The decision of the judges is final and Mgbanghe will not enter into correspondence with anyone on the competition after the winners are announced.
  10. Members of Mgbanghe and their immediate family members are not allowed to participate in this competition.
  11. Essays must be accompanied by scanned copies of school identity card and an indigene letter. Mgbanghe will demand to sight the originals of both documents at the presentation of prizes.

Submission Guidelines

  1. Essays must be submitted online in Word .doc or pdf format
  2. Essays must be sent to mgbanghe@gmail.com on or before midnight on Friday, 15 December, 2017. Late entries will be automatically disqualified
  3. Each entry must have a cover page with the following information
    –  Indicate category entered for at the top right hand corner of the cover page
    Title of the essay [must also be inserted in footer of every page]
    Name of author [surname first]
    Name of the author’s school and class/level of study
    Date of submission
  1. Essay must be written in Calibiri fonts, 12 points size and double-spaced

To learn more, visit www.mgbanghe.org or call: +234 805 743 5992; +234 805 963 1302; +234 817 454 7560
You may also send an email to: mgbanghe@gmail.com


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